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"If it's worth framing at all, it's worth
framing correctly .....the first time!"
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Custom Master Framing
The History of Picture Framing is romantic and brings with it an intimate glimpse of personalities and
cultures from the dawn of civilization to the present.  The decoration and presentation of Art tells a
distinct and fascinating story.  

Since 1989, Henson-McAlister has carried on a time-honored tradition by handcrafting, finishing, and
selling the finest frames from all over the world.   With 6,300 frames, H-M possesses the  largest
selection in the Southwest.   Every item brought to us to be framed is respected and treated with
great care.  Whether an original Masterpiece, a painting by a living artist, or just a favorite photo,
Henson-McAlister utilizes the same efforts, methods, and preservation materials.  We encourage
clients to frame their art "once".  Excess handling, even with care, speeds deterioration.

If it's worth framing, it's worth framing correctly...the first time.

Conservation & Restoration
Henson-McAlister has many years of combined experience and education in the handling and care of
works of art in various forms.  Our primary Conservation and Restoration focus is in Works on
Canvas, Wooden and Metal Objects (furniture; frames; some sculpture; and other cultural and
architectural objects).  

As members of the
American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works, Henson-McAlister
has professional obligations to the Historic and Artistic works, to the  public, the other conservation
professionals, and to posterity.  We perform work on pieces of art and objects in order to preserve
cultural heritage.

All work is priced on a "per-piece" basis, and must be first examined by one of the Principles of the
Conservation activities include examination, documentation, treatment, and preventive care,
supported by research and education.  The purpose of Conservation is to minimize chemical and
physical deterioration and damage that prevent loss of informational content.  The goal is to prolong
the existence of cultural property.  
Restoration activities refer to any activities that involve
manipulation of surfaces or structures, adding materials to the item in order to stabilize.  The goal of
Restoration is to perform the minimum necessary work to accomplish the required task.  
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