Balance – The Art of creating your life

David Brooks, the noted Columnist for the New York Times, has authored a new book, “The Road to Character”. In it he writes about his thinking on the issue of how to create a valuable life. He discusses what he calls the two sets of virtues that we all have, “the resume virtues, and the eulogy virtues. The resume virtues are the ones that bring us outward success; the eulogy virtues are the ones that bring us inner success. While most of us would probably “say” that eulogy virtues are more important, what we actually “do” is spend most of our lives focusing on the resume virtues. I highly recommend this book. I like to think that the art of ones life is finding the balance between the two virtues. As my Scottish grandfather used to say, “No one on their deathbed, while taking their last breath, ever says…”Gosh, I wish I’d worked more”…. Art is about “seeing” through the obvious….the usual…the expected.

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