Hello world!

Hello. My name is James. I am a partner in an Art Services Firm, Henson-McAlister, in business since 1989.

My education and training is in Law, accounting, and religion, but I came to the art world willingly and enthusiastically.

I have decided to begin this blog as a way of talking about the things I value; the things that are most important to me, and why. Art is emotional, not cerebral. Since man’s beginning, art has been a mode of expression…a way to convey feelings, emotions, the joys and sadness of experiences, desires, and defeats. It has provided a means to enjoy triumphs, and a conduit to sooth pain. It is universal. We either create it ourselves, or we enjoy that which is created by others. But, we all partake. Painting, writing, music, pottery, architecture, objects used in our everyday lives. Even if we are not aware of the impact, our lives are made better by art. Art is beyond money, beyond, status, beyond ego, beyond a single lifespan.
In this blog, I hope to communicate one person’s everyday encounter with art, life, thoughts, and the texture created by the intersection of those on one person. I hope it will be interesting; possibly informative. But mostly, I hope it will be of some benefit to whomever might stumble across it.
James Fitz Mac

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