Prints & Posters
Posters are reproductions printed on inexpensive, coated paper, and
usually possess a glossy finish.

Prints are usually reproductions printed on slightly better paper, usually
with a matte finish.

Signed & numbered prints are reproductions which have been printed on
good quality paper, and each has each been signed directly by the artist.
In addition, each print is numbered showing how many total prints were
made, and the number of your individual print.  Obviously lower numbers
are normally better and slightly more valuable.

Giclee: Controversial in the Art community.  This term refers to the late
20th c. technology of reproducing a work of art with a very high-quality
printer. There is no substantial track record yet that distinquishes the
ultimate value of this catagory of print from a regular print which is also
signed by the Artist. Producers of these generally charge a premium over
the cost of a regular signed print.
Print & Poster Publishers