Fine Art
Henson-McAlister has many years of combined
experience and education in the handling and care
of works of art in various forms.  Our primary
Conservation and Restoration focus is in Works on
Canvas, Wooden and Metal Objects (furniture;
frames; some sculpture; and other cultural and
architectural objects).  

As members of the
American Institute for
Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works
Henson-McAlister has professional obligations to
the Historic and Artistic works, to the  public, the
other conservation professionals, and to posterity.  
We perform work on pieces of art and objects in
order to preserve cultural heritage.
All work is priced on a "per-piece" basis, and
must be first examined by one of the Principles
of the Firm.  
Conservation activities include
examination, documentation, treatment, and
preventive care, education.  The purpose of
Conservation is to minimize chemical and
physical deterioration and damage that prevent
loss of informational content.  The goal is to
prolong the existence of cultural property.  
Restoration activities refer to any activities that
involve manipulation of surfaces or structures,
adding materials to the item in order to
stabilize.  The goal of Restoration is to perform
the minimum necessary work to accomplish the
required task.  
Consultation / Acquisition
Auction Firms & Art Info Sources